Thursday, November 5, 2009

Intern Tip 103: PERSISTENCE

One of the easiest ways of being notice is to be PERSISTENT.

This goes for during an internship and afterward. But there is a very thin line between being persistent and being annoying.  I still find it hard to remain on top of some things.  I always feel that I am crossing that thin line, even before I get close.

While I was interning it was pretty easy to be persistent because once I figured what people liked
I continued to do it.  I knew a certain engineer who liked bottled water.  So after every session I would give him a bottle of water for his ride home.  It was little things like that which made me stand out.

But now that I'm out looking for employment it feels like the thin line gets closer.  I make sure to call and check up on places where I've sent my resume'.  But how many calls is too many?

Its easy for outside people looking in to say...
"I would call EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY until I got what I wanted".
 But I know how annoying it could be to hear the same guy on the line saying...
"Have you had a chance to review my resume?".

Sometimes we can get so anxious that we over do it.  While other times we worry about how we are perceived by others.  Nothing will change if you just stay in your room with the headphones on.


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