Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Intern Tip 102: DETAIL

DETAIL is one of the most important thing in a recording studio.

I'm already a little OCD, so I naturally pay attention to detail.
One night @ Silent Sound I was cleaning up so I had to straiten the magazines up.  Kory told me it was the best organization of the magazines he had seen.  Its just little things like that.  I made sure that the controllers to the game systems were cleaned.  I noticed the likes and dislikes of clients and staff members.  I wrote everything down.  I made sure that the tea pitcher was always full.  Coffee ready in the morning for when Dave came in.

I wouldn't do anything to kiss ass, just whatever was expected and then some.

Its hard to standout as an intern, so you gotta make sure you take care of all the small DETAILS.

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