Saturday, October 17, 2009

6AM ---- NO SLEEP!!

Its 6AM right now & I'm still up.  I've been mixing these vocals for this singer from West Virginia.  Its a little weird sometimes mixing another person's material.  I've always considered myself a producer 1st b/c I only started engineering b/c I didn't know anyone in my area who could engineer the songs I was making. & plus it was cheaper 4 me 2 learn how 2 do it myself.  I basically try & do everything by myself, even though it can have its downsides. I'm very O.C.D when it comes 2 music (& a lot of other so it may take me a little while 2 mix a record.  Just a day or so tho. I think I need 2 lay it down b/c I feel like I'm rambling about nothing....but n the words of Puff -----

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